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Body Gospel Review 1- Body Revival

Body Gospel Review- Body Revival DVD
I’m extremely excited since I received my Body Gospel package and for this reason I’ve decided to review each of the DVDs, so you can find out what is coming inside.
The first DVD I will talk about is Body Revival.
I tried Body Revival and I loved it. Body revival was not that easy, but it was challenging for beginners and advanced exercisers alike.In every single DVD, you’ll find someone who does the movements in an easier manner. One thing that differentiates Body Gospel from other exercise videos is the prayer that is included in the beginning of each of the DVDs.
In this particular video, Donna’s prayer was for strength and endurance throughout the workout and that people would change from inside and out.

From the beginning of this workout all the way to the end, I was sweating, worshiping, singing and dancing. I had a big smile on my face because everyone was having a fabulous time in the Lord together.
Body Gospel is for you if you’re truly serious about changing your life and your body, and ready to be stronger in your walk with the Lord.
Here are some highlights from this DVD, and I hope you enjoy them. Keep watching for reviews of the other six DVDs.